Between the Valley's...a river runs through it.

Monument Valley - Valley of the Gods

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the weather conditions throughout the season?  Does it snow?!
A: We normally have very mild winters, a little snow some years, not much, although there's a picture on the photo page showing the San Juan River when it was full of ice!  Spring temps range from Low 50's to 80's while summer temperatures reach 110. Drink lots of water.  We can also have some high winds in the springtime and rain storms in August.

Q: Why is everything so expensive out here?
A: This is one of the most FAQ we get ...We simply don't have the 'buying power' to get good prices and the cost of supplies is usually triple what you'd pay elsewhere.  Very frustrating for all of us!

Q: Where do you shop?

A:  Gouldings in Monument Valley has a good selection of groceries as does Kayenta (44 miles south) and Blanding (44 miles north).  For clothing & other supplies, Farmington NM has a mall, Wal-Mart, Home Depot etc. (130 miles).

Q: Where do the children go to school?

A:  There's a new elementary school next to Monument Valley High School in Monument Valley.  It was just relocated in 2011 from Halchita which is a small housing community 3 miles from Mexican Hat on the Navajo Reservation.  There's also an elementary school in Bluff, 25 miles north.

Q: What kind of wildlife is here?
A: A small deer herd, coyotes, fox, beaver, raccoons (a new thing), mountain lions check us out in the winter, hummingbirds (!), hawks, crows, rabbits, rock squirrels....lizards, bull snakes ....NO rattlesnakes or mosquitos!

Q: Can I drive through Valley of the Gods?
A: Yes!  It's a graveled road, 17 mile loop, just be aware that we do have 'flash floods' that will prevent you from crossing the creeks during a rain storm.  Don't try to cross...if you get stranded, wait it out!  These flood waters may be coming from 30 miles away, up on the Mesa, so be aware of the weather conditions.

Q: Where does the Navajo Reservation begin?
A: The San Juan River is the border.  The Navajo Nation maintain their own rules concerning alcohol (consumption & possession is not legal) and access within the Tribal Park, whereas, the State & National Parks everywhere else are public owned.  Only take pictures and memories!