• Between the Valley's...a river runs through it.
    Monument Valley...the gateway to Utah's Red Rock Canyon Country!
    Alhambra...the seven sisters...chief's bonnet.
    Refresh your vacation at The Hat Rock Inn
    Clean, comfortable...relaxing.
    Between the Valley's...a river runs through it.
    Monument Valley...the gateway to Utah's Red Rock Canyon Country!
  • Monument Valley...The Gateway to Utah's Red Rock Canyon Country

    Over 100 feet above the San Juan River you can see & hear the water rushing over the rocks in a most beautiful setting. Enjoy a leisurely walk along our private sandy beach where you'll also find a wonderful 'swimming hole'...or add some hiking adventure on a more rugged trail! Relax at the pool in a shaded cabana, under a palm tree or on the sunny terrace...in the spa or the heated pool. Take in the night sky from outside your room or from a variety of low-lit areas around the property!

    As we are not part of the Navajo Reservation, you have the freedom to wander where you wish...along with the option of a cold beer or alcoholic beverage!

    The most scenic route is to approach from the north via Moki Dugway and Natural Bridges which will take you through Valley of the Gods, past the Goosenecks & Mexican Hat Rock, into Mexican Hat (which also offers wonderful sunsets) then a short 20 minute, amazingly scenic, drive to Monument Valley that also takes you over the famous Forrest Gump Hill (milepost 13). Another 20 minute drive south will find you in Kayenta, Az. Using this route, the horizon continuously beckons you onward!

    Please note that there are many 'pull-offs' for picture taking! Stopping ON the road is hazardous.

    Our Rooms

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    Fun History

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  • Swingin' Steaks

    Located at the Mexican Hat Lodge across the street from the Shell station...within walking distance of the Hat Rock Inn.
    To keep it simple...we are family! Our first love being the family band that we've kept together for over 30 years. We welcome other musicians/singers to 'sit in' with us at any time that we're able to get together. Please know that we don't have 'set' schedule for 'playing'!
    The Swingin' Steaks has simply 'morphed' into what it is and it's a big part of our lives...we truly love what we get to do and feel very blessed. First come, first served. Reservations don't work well here and our hours change with the sun We keep the beer ice cold!

    Hotel Facilities

    • general

      Heated Salt Water Swimming Pool & Spa, Restaurant, Free Parking, Hiking Trails, River Access & Private Beach.

    • Activities

      We have several hiking trails on our property ranging from moderate to however difficult you want to make it! Please note to stay away from the edges of cliffs as the rocks in some areas are not stable. We also have a wonderful swimming hole on the river for those days when a swimming pool seems too confining! No life guard on duty, swim & hike at your own risk. ATV, biking, horseback & some jeep trails. River rafting & tubing is also very popular! Plan in advance.

    • Services

      Mexican Hat has 4 motels, 4 restaurants, 1 gas station, post office & 2 convenience stores which carry essential items including beer.

    • internet

      The Hat Rock Inn has 3 T-1 connections which we offer free of charge to our customers, no limit on devices, however, being so rural still has it's challenges when everyone is using the net at the same time so we do ask that major downloads/uploads be limited so as not to 'jam' the net & we strictly prohibit VPN's.

    • parking.

      We have plenty of free guest parking including space for trailers & buses.

    Hat Rock Cafe'

    Mexican & American breakfast and lunch menu with our own family recipes of Green Chile Verde, Chili Beans & Navajo tacos.
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  • Our Rooms (All Non-Smoking, No Pets)

    Double Queen Rooms

    Two Queen size beds, down comforters w/third sheeting, desk w/chair, oversized chair, flatscreen t.v., Keurig coffee maker, hairdryer, microwave, refrigerator.

    Single King Room

    One King bed, down comforter w/third sheeting, desk w/chair, 2 oversized chairs & ottoman, flatscreen t.v., Keurig coffee maker, hairdryer, microwave, refrigerator

    Room & Property Maps


  • How to Find Us

    120 U.S. 163 Scenic, Mexican Hat, UT 84531.


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  • A little about The Hat...

    The San Juan River has long captivated man...
    ...from the first that arrived here horseback in the 1880's searching for the elusive gold to the many that visit now searching for that special someplace that speaks to our very soul. As San Juan County Utah's landscape is as diverse as its people...monuments, canyons, rivers, lakes and mountains...there's something here for everyone.

    What's unique about Mexican Hat is its location in the midst of two beautiful, monolithic valleys. The well-known Monument Valley and the lesser known Valley of the Gods...each valley floor is over 1,000 ft. higher in altitude than Mexican Hat. The only thing separating them is the San Juan River of which the small community of Mexican Hat is built. Originally called Goodridge after the family who founded the area in the 1800's.

    Mexican Hat was once a 'hub' for the cattle and sheep barons of yesteryear, the oldest producing oil field in the state of Utah, a trading destination and a locale that once was home to over 1200 people (mostly living in tents) who came to process and haul ore over the sandy roads and down the Moki Dugway (which was built for this very purpose!) from the mines west of Natural Bridges.

    Gold and the movies!

    The 'Gold Rush' of the 1800's brought sluicing equipment to the very spot that later found John Wayne fording the river horseback in a few movies. So, when you wonder where the river of Monument Valley is in She Wore A Yellow Ribbon and other John Wayne - John Ford movies, now you know! It's 'under The Hat'! Sadly, enough gold was never found to make that a worthwhile project.

    We finally joined the 20th Century with the arrival of electricity and a real road in 1958. A sometimes precarious survival that has brought more improvements with each decade...from telephone service to cell phone service. 2012 found us 'kinda' up-to-date for internet access, the Hat Rock Inn added 3 T-1's...this is a personal investment that we hope will improve the communications that people have come to rely on globally.

    The River still calls...

    Today people come not for the riches that fill the material void...but rather, the riches that fill the mind with wonderful memories, to ride the rapids on rafts and simply to relax as the 2nd fastest river in the western hemisphere creates 'sand waves' that are only found on the San Juan River and the Nile, however, us locals prefer to use inner tubes for a few hours of fun!

    We continue the fight to maintain our jeep and ATV trails so that people of all ages and physical abilities can continue to enjoy this vast country. We support multiple use & economic developement in the way of resource extraction in areas where it's feasable and works for everyone. We find it unfortunate that many newcomers and visitors aren't aware of our rich history, aren't aware of the machinery and equipment that has been used to try to tame this country, try to make it more habitable...'try' being the word here! Considering our history it's quite amazing that it can still be thought of as 'Pristine' land...untouched by man. We must be doing something right!.

    Each business in Mexican Hat is owned and/or operated by persons who have a history here and a deep love for our tiny community with a huge backyard. Without tourism we couldn't survive here now...you are each very much appreciated...

    ...we welcome the world to 'break bread' with us, take a deep breath and remember, this is your vacation and you deserve a special place where you can stop and drink in the beauty, the splendor...ponder, relax. There's no rush here!
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Weather Conditions
    We normally have very mild winters, a little snow some years that melts quickly. Our 'rainy season' is a few weeks in July-August, nice summer showers that don't stay long! Spring temps range from Low 50's to 80's while summer temperatures reach 110. Drink lots of water. We can also have some high winds in the springtime which blows a lot of red dirt around!
    Gouldings in Monument Valley has a good selection of groceries as does Kayenta (44 miles south) and Blanding (44 miles north). For clothing & other supplies, Cortez, CO offers a Wal-Mart, Big R, great grocery & independant stores (85 miles), Farmington NM has a mall, Wal-Mart, Home Depot etc. (130 miles). You can buy some items here in town at the San Juan Inn or Seven to Eleven.
    Why is everything so expensive out here? This is one of the most FAQ we get ...We simply don't have the 'buying power' to get good prices and the cost of supplies is usually triple what you'd pay elsewhere. Very frustrating for all of us!
    There's a new elementary school next to Monument Valley High School in Monument Valley. It was just relocated in 2011 from Halchita which is a small housing community 3 miles from Mexican Hat on the Navajo Reservation. There's also an elementary school in Bluff, 25 miles north.
    Where do people live?
    Nearly every business has at least one home attached somewhere on the property! We have a very limited workforce, most of whom live on the reservation & some who live here seasonally.
    A small deer herd, coyotes, fox, beaver, raccoons (a new thing), hummingbirds (!), hawks, crows, rabbits, rock squirrels....lizards, bull snakes ....NO rattlesnakes or mosquitos! We occaionally have mountain lions checking us out in the winter.
  • Refresh.

    Not just a hole in the ground that holds water. We bring to you a swimming experience in the desert! Overlooking the San Juan River where you can hear the rapids far below. We call it The Infinity View. The salt-water pool is 20'x 50' with a lap lane, a seating bench and a 10 person spa. There's also a shallow area for play!. The cool-deck is an additional 26 feet around 3 sides of the pool with a large cabana that offers comfortable couches out of the sun. For sun worshipping we have contemporary loungers and a unique amphitheater-like terrace (overlooking the view, of course!)...complete with Palm trees for shade!

    Our Green Commitment

    We have added Geothermal & solar energy to the laundry & other parts of the property with plans to expand! Retrofitting such a business is very challenging, but, we feel up to it! The water you bathe with, the water that cleans the linens...all heated by the sun or the ground.
    We know it will take some time to reach all of our 'green goals', but, we want you to know that it's very important to us. One day even the air in our buildings will be cooled and heated from the ground!

    All of our rooms have dispensers for soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner of which is purchased from Pineapple Hospitality, another company that is dedicated to bringing the best of Green to the traveling public. These dispensers are locked for your safety! Only housekeeping can 'add' content. Let's keep all those plastic bottles out of the landfills!

    Water saving shower heads, LED lighting, low voltage outdoor lighting that enhances the night sky, a secondary irrigation system that helps to keep cooling costs down with the use of trees...a few other things that we can do. Unfortunately, our remote location and the high cost of fuel renders recycling an impossibility at this time, however, we will continue to look for ways to make this a reality.

    San Juan River

    Private Beach Our private beach!.